Social Networking

The way society communicates have changed beyond recognition from say 20 years ago. I still remember then the only electronic communication I knew was the electronic messaging that was available to me in my alma mater’s computer lab. We only could use it on the dumb terminals connected to the university’s main frame. Back then there were no internet and mobile phones.

Today, not only the internet and mobile phones are available publicly, the two media has been converging rapidly and is fast becoming a seamless entity! For example, we can use GMAIL, TWITTER , FACEBOOK etc on our mobile now and the phone is looking more and more like a personal computer albeit with a smaller screen. This has invariably changed the way society communicates and interact.

If we are to get ahead in society or be in the know, we cannot ignore any more the utility that such communications tools provide us. We should fully embrace such blessing but at the same time be careful not to get caught in the web of deceit and also the alienation from society that addiction to the electronic media might bring. The human race has always produced inventions that in both useful and destructive. For example, nuclear power and nuclear bombs…. Electronic media is also a double edged swords. Scandals can be spread instantly with clicks of the mouse and politicians have use the internet extensively to their selfish gains.

Lets look at the bright side though. The convergence of the internet and mobile networks allows us access to information and electronic mails even when we are thousands of miles away from home. We can talk to our family members as well over the phone across thousands of miles and do our banking from any where in the world. The question therefore remains ; are we paying too high a social price to utilise the benefits of the electronic communications age?

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