Social Media – Strategic for SME?

Experts have envisaged right from the early days of the internet that the web itself would level the playing field for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) vis-a-vis the big boys. It is even more so now that various strategies have been developed with the help of technology that can allow SMEs to be found easily. For example; when I search for the product of robot cleaner a little company called Digilife in Malaysia can be found right next to the SAMSUNG link.Search Engine Optimization services are now quite easily available to small companies and gone are the days when the smaller companies find it hard to compete online with larger companies due to their e-Marketing budget.

Therefore it is imperative that SMEs must look into such tools strategically. The steps are quite simple but necessary if any SME does not want to be left out.

a. Firstly a study on buying behaviour and how consumers search online

b. Develop an on-line proposition to meet the needs and ensure that your website is searchable using the appropriate key words.

3. Optimize your website so that it can be searchable worldwide or be found

4. Collect information from visitors to your site so that you can continue to be relevant to your customers..

There are many vendors who can help run a strategic marketing campaign on-line for you. If you lack the expertise, it is better to use their services. Example: NPQ Business Portal ( ), or PCT internet marketing services ( ) .

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